Chat 1 Sep
  • Aris Boch: You O'Neill, well you're considered a pain in the Mik'ta
  • O'Neill: ...neck...?
  • Daniel: 
  • Teal'c:
  • O'Neil: 
Video 1 Sep

"Darkness", performed by The Cat Empire

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I made this Guardians Of The Galaxy poster just for you internets.

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My blog turned 2 years old the other day!

I used to be a lot more active on here but I want to try and cut back on Tumblr anyway. It kills not only my internet quota and my time but I feel less accomplished when I use it often. I should be spending time making things instead.

All that crap aside, I’m about to go on vacation for about a month. So I’ll be on radio silence. Going cold turkey also means that I might not really have as strong a desire to be on this site when I come back. So I guess I’m trying to say thank you to those that have followed me all this time, even if I never really talk… and thank you to those that I follow for making my feed / dash the reason I stay, the two anons who contacted me once - you made it exciting and you still remain a mystery although I have my theories.

"In case I don’t see ya: Good afternoon, good evening and goodnight."

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Judge Dredd by Greg Staples / Facebook


Judge Dredd by Greg Staples / Facebook

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Maleficent x Aurora Tribute - Under her spell by Kanthesis
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Someone’s copying me. (…) Unbelievable! It’s like Jesus and John the Baptist.

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