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clannad | episode 18  | myanicaps
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Holy shit


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mel0dic-madness said: I'd love to see tim make a Snow White, sleeping beauty, red riding hood, or rapunzel. Thoughts?


yes to all! Snow White especially.

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Almost home. Had a blast travelling through Europe. However the leg of my tour in Germany resulted in a twisted ankle and an early return home. I’ll put up good pictures when I get back.

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Last night the ENTIRE Contiki tour group got smashed. We went to Space Disco in Florence, Italy - where a vodka and red bull is in a 1:1 ratio… Needless to say, it didn’t take much. My room was propped open all night because my roommate took the key but I didn’t get back till 6.45 this morning. All of us were so, so very drunk. I lost 77 Euro along the way but you only live once, right? It was different to the night out in Amsterdam’s red light district - fun, but in a different way.

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Look at that little ladder waiting for its plane.

i dont believe in this

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